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What is BlackCoco’s Cubes25 (72 PCS)?

  • Premium Shisha Coconut Coal
  • Size: 25x25x25mm
  • Long Burning Time >90mins
  • No taste of its own
  • Absolutely free of chemicals
  • Strictly controlled

These cube coals are made to stay lit for over 90 minutes, oderless, and is natural charcoal that is made to not effect the taste of any tobacco.

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Experience coconut charcoal without compromise: now with BLACKCOCO’s CUBES25

Smoking your own shisha is best when the tobacco and coal are optimally selected. We have developed the BLACKCOCO’s CUBES25 for you so that you can enjoy your favorite taste unadulterated and without compromise. With a burn time of up to 90 minutes, you can experience your shisha without restrictions. Find out in our article what makes the CUBES25 the ideal coal for you and what properties the coconut coal offers you for smoking shisha.

We offer you quality and reliability from our company with every piece of coal. We have developed a total of eight cuts to suit the preferences of every shisha smoker in order to meet every need. All coconut coals and high-quality shisha accessories are waiting for you in our online shop. So take a look around and get your shisha needs directly from the manufacturer.

The perfect form factor for full-fledged shisha, with 25 mm edge length

If you want your coal to burn for a long time and evenly, you should go for the CUBES25. This is because the eponymous 25 mm are ideal for a strong draw, a full head and a large shisha. This means that enough heat can be generated to enjoy the maximum shisha experience over a long period of time. With 72 coals, our 1KG box is ideally divided to cover the maximum needs of occasional and frequent smokers. This is also reflected in the numerous reviews of our coal: you too can enjoy the full potential of our coconut coal.

Thanks to its proportional form factor, the CUBES25 coal pieces are perfect for daily use as a companion for your shisha. The space-saving yet full-sized size allows for comfortable placement on the head without touching the edges. This means that smoking with the BLACKCOCO’s CUBES25 results in a firm but not too hot experience with almost any tobacco.

Ideal burning, thanks to production at the highest level

In addition to the size, the quality of the natural charcoal is also important. The CUBES25 is high-quality charcoal, which allows for easy burning thanks to its even thickness. The long 90 minutes per set of charcoal can be achieved without any problems when smoking alone or in a group. This means that you no longer need to constantly change charcoal. Relax with a maximum burning time and experience the quality of our 25 mm long cubes.

The natural taste of coal undoubtedly contributes to the overall appearance of your shisha. Depending on the tobacco and coal, the selected flavors often taste different. We can therefore proudly claim that our coal is free of chemicals and artificial flavors. The CUBES25, just like every other cut of BLACKCOCO’s, ensure perfect and continuous heat development without distorting flavors. This is what makes our natural coal unique.

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