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With Shishamatic, smoking becomes an unforgettable experience. No more worrying about the perfect temperature, no more uneven heat distribution or bad taste. Instead, you will enjoy filling and smoking your shisha like never before. Thanks to Shishamatic’s unique rotation function, the coal is heated perfectly and the heat is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the tobacco. Never again will you have to struggle with repositioning coals or worry about uneven smoke or bad taste. Shishamatic adapts to all smoking phases and always ensures the ideal temperature. This means that you experience consistent smoking pleasure without compromise. Fill your shisha, let Shishamatic work its magic and enjoy every hit without having to worry about the technology. Experience complete relaxation and perfect smoking pleasure with Shishamatic.

Included in the delivery are:

  • Shishamatic Device
  • Badcha
  • Plate
  • USB-C cable
  • 18650 battery

Colour: Black

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With the Shishamatic HMD there is no more burnt tobacco, as the rotation distributes the heat of the coal evenly over the entire tobacco. Here innovation ensures convenient shisha enjoyment!

After assembling the Shishamatic unit, you can start lighting your charcoal. Use a maximum of three 25 mm charcoal cubes. With the rotation speed set to maximum, you should smoke the bowl for about 1 to 10 minutes. You can then reduce the speed significantly and enjoy the excellent taste of your shisha tobacco or your nicotine-free shisha stones to the fullest. Please note that both a shisha and a corresponding head with a maximum diameter of 68 mm are required for operation.

The Shishamatic head is powered by the 18650 battery cell included in delivery, which, according to the manufacturer, has enough capacity for up to 60 hours. The battery can be charged within 6 to 8 hours via the USB-C port on the device. A status LED below the USB-C port informs you about the current charge level of the battery.

If you want to take your shisha experience to a new level, Shishamatic is the smart choice.

Level up your style

A pure shisha experience is not just a question of taste, but also of health. Burning when using shisha tobacco means pollutants that can put a strain on your lungs. These pollutants are caused by the breakdown of glycerols and glycols, especially when the temperature is too high. But with Shishamatic you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Thanks to Shishamatic’s innovative technology, the temperature always remains at an ideal level. Due to the even surface heating and the constant rotation of the tobacco, aromatic substances are not burned and fewer pollutants are created that put a strain on your lungs. With Shishamatic you can finally enjoy your shisha without any worries. But that’s not all! In terms of taste, Shishamatic is vastly superior to classic shisha heads. Hotspots are a thing of the past and the aroma of your shisha tobacco comes into its own. Every puff tastes exactly as it should taste and lets you take your shisha enjoyment to a new level. Experience the complete purity of your shisha and the full development of its taste with Shishamatic. Let yourself be inspired by the unique technology and enjoy every session without worries and without compromises.

Experience an irresistible taste that enchants your senses and pampers your palate. Shishamatic brings innovation and elegance to your shisha experience and changes the way you enjoy tobacco. Immerse yourself in a gentle and sensual pleasure that opens up a completely new horizon of taste.

Our revolutionary charcoal twisting technology is the key to this exceptional enjoyment. Forget annoying burns and annoying hotspots – with Shishamatic the tobacco is heated evenly to produce a perfect and genuine taste. Every puff is a true pleasure that pampers your taste buds and takes you into a world of intense flavors.

Product Specs:

  • Includes 18650 battery
  • Rotating electric fireplace head
  • Suitable for all heads/bowls up to 68 mm 
  • Charcoal size: Maximum 25mm (NEO Cubes & Coconut Coal)
  • Heat resistance: Up to 480°C
  • Material: Caramid 6 with 30% glass fiber

Please note:  We recommend using a maximum of 25mm charcoal and thoroughly cleaning the badcha, chimney and plate before use to ensure an optimal smoking experience.

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